Windows XP ISO Download

Microsoft launched windows XP in the year 2006 and since from that time it is been improving in all aspects such as operating system, graphics, etc. Also, Windows XP is the most favourite operating system of the century. Its codename is whistler. If you are very curious about windows XP and wanted to download it then you are reading the perfect article. Because in this article we will discuss all the insights of windows XP ISO. Let’s get started.

Windows XP ISO Download

First of all you require an ISO file of a software that you wanted to download. Hence, you must download Windows XP first and then just follow the process of installing it. Windows XP is with some amazing features and only due to these features and friendly user interface Windows XP have achieved a massive success. So, let us discuss some of its features.

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Key Features of Windows XP ISO:

  • Internally provided internet firewall
  • You get an outstanding experience of Automatic Wireless Connection
  • Windows XP have some games such as Pinball, Minesweeper which reminds us 90’s days.
  • Also, there is a option called as driver rollback. Driver rollback allows us to replace hardware driver if it create any issues with our PC

Following are the system requirements for Windows XP ISO download:

  • Processor: You must require at least 233 MHz or higher Pentium-compatible CPU
  • RAM: You also need a RAM of about 256 MB. This much amount of RAM is sufficient
  • Required Storage Space: Your PC must have 3GB of space and this storage is sufficient

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