What is QuickBooks? Why it is a Popular Accounting Software?

The small businesses need to keep track of their expenses and incomes. The companies get the information of profit and loss from the accounts they keep. Manually recording the transactions on the accounting books is not fissile in the today’s date. That’s why the small businesses should use the automated accounting software programs. The QuickBooks software is the ideal small business accounting software loved by many businessmen.

The QuickBooks the online software program that helps your accountants record all the business transactions. The software is very interactive and has many useful features for the accounting. With the smart money tracker feature, that shows you the overview of your income, expenses, profit and loss and the liabilities is very helpful for the newbies who don’t know how to read the financial statements.

About QuickBooks Software

The online accounting is the new thing in the market. With the cloud-based accounting, the users can access their accounts anytime anywhere. There is no need to carry the backup of your accounts in the pen drive or the memory card storage. With the QuickBooks cloud storage, you can quickly access the data with your username and password combination.

How to Download QuickBooks Free?

The QuickBooks is not free to use software program. It is a paid program that comes with the monthly and yearly membership options. But, if you want to try the features, then you can use QuickBooks Free with the Trial Period. The Free QuickBooks download allows you to access all of the features and get an overview of the usability of your needs. If you are looking for the set of features you are going to get in premium versions, then here is the list of all features of QuickBooks online.

Features of QuickBooks Software

The QuickBooks is famous for the set of features they offer to the customers. The features that are very useful to the customers is the plus point of this software. Here are some of the best features of the QuickBooks software.

  • Track Business Transactions

The users can quickly enter the business transactions in any account they want. The entered business transactions can be quickly accessed and used to track the total transactions. The users get access to the Journal Proper, Ledgers and Financial Statements.

  • Prepare Detailed Tax Invoices

The QuickBooks is the smart accounting software for the small and medium enterprises. The software can prepare detailed tax invoices based on the selected taxation system. You can make and send these tax invoices to your customers via any communication platform you choose.

  • Prepare Financial Statements

The Financial Statements like the Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Trial balance and others are essential for any business. With these statements, the company can track their progress. The software can prepare any Financial Statement within a few seconds using the entered data. There are more than 20 formats available for the Financial Statements.

  • Cross-Platform Availability

The QuickBooks software is available for use on All of the major Operating Systems. The Windows, Macintosh and Even Linux have their versions of the QuickBooks Software for accounting. Also, the QuickBooks online works on any operating system as you have to access it using the web browser.

Final Words 

The small business owners who don’t have the knowledge and budget to hire an accountant to record the business transactions can use the QuickBooks Software. As this is the premium software, you must get Monthly or Yearly subscription to be able to use it. If you are interested in free QuickBooks download, then signing up for the one-month trial is the only option you have.

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