What is mAaadhar App and How to Use it?

mAadhar is a official mobile application developed by UIDIAI(Unique Identification Authority of India). With Aadhaar gaining so much importance in our each day lives, it’s miles necessary to carry the specific identity card anyplace you pass. This is because you in no way know when Aadhaar card will be requested.

Which is why the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), has released Aadhaar-mobile app, popularly referred to as mAadhaar, for all of the Android users.If you need to make any Aadhar Card Correction in your Aadhaar card whether it is Name, Address, Mobile number or Date of birth, it is very easy to do the same. Here in this article we will be discussing about the easiest way to solve this problem that most of us are facing.

mAaadhar App

How to Download And Use mAdhaar App?

Many people don’t have a idea about how to use maadhar app. But don’t worry because today in this guide we will be sharing complete guide on how to download and use mAadhar app. Follow below steps to download maadhar app on your android device. And also don’t forget to share this article with your friends and family, so they can also use maadhar app. You can also download E aadhar card by following this guide. Let’s proceed to the guide.

  • Maadhar app is available on google playstore, so open playstore and search for mAadhar app.
  • Click on Install.
  • Open app on your android device.
  • Here, you have to create password.
  • Enter your mAadhaar Card Number.
  • Now verify your OTP by giving permission to read your Message.
  • Once you complete all the process, Now you can access your Aadhaar Card Anytime Anywhere with mAadhaar Card App.

Important Features of maadhar App you Should Know

  • Aadhaar Number Holder profile download – you can carry demographic aadhar details anytime and anywhere
  • Biometric locking/unlocking – To secure biometric authentication by locking biometrics data. Once resident enables Biometric Locking system their biometric remains locked till the Aadhaar Holder chose to either Unlock it (which is temporary) or Disable the Locking system.

So, this is all about mAadhar app and its features. Seems, Easy right?Every users of this mAadhaar app will have all the demographic details of Aadhaar card in their own smartphones. Information like name, date of birth, gender and address along with the user’s photograph will be available in the app. So you don’t need to carry aadhar card every time because this demographic aadhar card or digital aadhar card will work. Well, you should try at least once and I am sure you won’t regret.

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