Warframe Soma Prime Build

If you are crazy for playing Warframe, then you must know about the Soma. While playing Wireframe, you must have chosen Soma for killing the enemies. It is not that a top-notch weapon but stillwith the help of Soma you can complete easy missions in the game. Soma prime, as the name suggests is an advanced version of Soma. But the most disappointing news is that nowadays this prime version of Soma is now vaulted and its relics cannot be obtained furthermore.

Soma Prime Build

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Following is the completer statistical information of Soma Prime:

Physical Damage: 1.0

Critical Chance: 30.0%

Crit Multiplier: 3X

Impact: 1.2

Puncture: 4.8

Slash: 6.0

Perfect Soma Prime Build

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The perfect Soma Prime Build goes with 4 forma and 3 V polarity. Soma Prime Red Crit is very easy and simple. Below are some of the mods that you would definitely like to use:

  • Elemental mods: You should pick elemental mods according to situations. For instance, in case of grinner you should choose corrosive build or if you are looking to complete corpus mission, then you must select magnetic mods. It will be highly beneficial to you if you pick dual stat mods like rime round as well as high voltage.
  • Point Strike+ Split chamber
  • Serration + Split chanber

Soma Prime is better choice than Soma due to following factors:

  • Soma Prime has a large ammo capacity and magazine size than Soma.
  • Also, Soma Prime has a higher status chance.
  • It has higher base damage

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