Warframe Chat Commands

As we know that the Warframe gives users an opportunity to chat while playing. Warframe has provided different chat rooms such as clan, region, council, recruiting, etc.

  • Following are some of the chat commands that are provided by Warframe:

/c type your message: This command allow users to join clan chatroom and now users can start messaging.

/g type your message: By using this command, you can join clan chat room and them allowed to message.

/s type your message: If you are not in squad then by applying this command you are given a access to squad chat room and now you are ready to chat.

/w username type user message: This command gives us a permission to send a private message to any user.

/rtype your message: If you want to reply to the private message that you have received then this command is surely for you. Because by using this command, you can easily reply or give response to the private messages you have received on Warframe.

/d type message: This command allows you to switch to council chat room and now you can post your messages.

/i username: This command is used to ignore any user.

/t: This command is used to redirect to active tab.

/friend add username: By using this you can easily add user as a friend.

/friend remove username: This command is used to replace user as a friend.

/invite username: With the help of this command, you can invite user to your current session without any hesitation.

So, the above commands will help users to participate in any chat rooms and can help users to enjoy Warframe!

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