Best Rainmeter Skins For Windows 7, 10, 8 ( 2018 )

Are you looking for the best rainmeter skins? Then, you have landed on the most correct page. In this article, we will take a brief glance at some of the best rainmeter skins. So, stay tuned.

We all know that Windows is the most used operating system in the world. It offers users a lot of customization option and supports much software.

First, we will start with what is rainmeter? Rainmeter is nothing but one of the most amazing tools which are available for the Windows platform. It is used to enhance the look of your desktop. The craze of the rainmeter is growing day by day among users. Now, it is a time to look at some of the best rainmeter skins. So, the following are some of the fantastic rainmeter skins that you must like:

Rainmeter Skins For Windows 10, 7, 8

1)Wisp: It is the most advanced and stylish rainmeter skin which has a yellowish-green colour. On the desktop, this theme shows us time, weather as well as the information about the system. It has a unique design

2) Neon Space: This rainmeter skin gives us an idea about the look of the space. All the elements of the space like a moon, various planets and sun are in this skin in pictorial format. As per the name, neon space, this rainmeter skin has a neon colour. In case if you like the space then, don’t hesitate to use this rainmeter skin.

3)Darkness fall: This skin has a very beautiful view of the sunrise in the background. It conveys the feeling of joy and happiness to users. You can say that it is an incredible theme.

4)Mass Effect: This skin has a picture of the earth in the background. Also, the on the desktop you will see the time and weather in the unique format.

5)Enigma: Enigma is regarded as the most configured theme of all time. This was launched in 2009 and it is one of the most downloaded rainmeter skins.

6) Simply Nova: It is unique that is quite similar to the neon space skin. We can say it is the best alternative for the neon space rainmeter skin.

7)Eker Lina: This rainmeter skin is attractive and very innovative. Its look is absolutely different.

8)Before Dawn: It has the simplest and catchy look. On the desktop, this rainmeter skin shows time, date, weather, system information, etc. It has a blue background.

9)iSteve: This rainwater skin is also called the Steve Jobs rainmeter skin. Its look is elegant and has the picture of Steve Jobs on the one side.

10)Pog Pack: This skin contains 10 parameters that you can customize according to your need.

What is the need of these rainmeter skins? As previously stated, rainmeter makes the look of your desktop good. You can customize the rainmeter themes as per your need. Some of you may think that is these rainmeter skins affect your PC? The answer to this question is “no”. These rainmeter skins will not have any effect on the performance of your PC. You can also make your own rainmeter skins.

In this article, we discussed 10 best rainmeter skins. If you like this article, then share it maximum!

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