5 Best Apps For Rooted Phone

The Devices rooting is a very famous and popular method among the users because rooting your devices give thousands of benefits like developer option (You can modify anything as your wish), Apps (You can run any app and you can delete any default application like google apps, phone, message, etc) and more.

On a normal android devices, When an app come in the market he have to face various issues like certification, etc.

To help you get the most famous and hidden android app, In today’s blog I’m going to give the top 5 apps for rooted device currently available for rooted android devices users.

So Let’s begin our top 5 apps for android device list:

1.) Lucky Patcher

lucky patcher

Now let’s talk about the most famous and popular app Lucky Patcher. First and best thing Lucky Patcher works in both Rooted or not Rooted Devices. Lucky Patcher is very useful and it’s use for making games mods. This app give the user very easy interface any user can make any game mod in just some clicks.

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2.) AdAway

In our list, this first one is most famous ‘AdAway’. One of the most popular benefits of rooting android is being able to block all Advertisements (All kind of advertisements not a single application run there ads in your rooted android phone) among all apps and browsers.

AdAway is one of the best ways to block advertisements from your rooted android device. This powerful adblocke comes with various advantages.

To download and run this application in your rooted android device so here are the link:

You can also uninstall apps in android using debloater if your phone is not rooted.

3.) SuperSU

SuperSU is one of the world’s most popular root only app. It acts like a security guard for your android device, this app help you manage app premission and ensure that any app able to what in your phone or apps don’t break their boundaries.

SuperSU is a great way to ensure that any app is contain any ransomeware and malicious file. And don’t have admin-level access to all levels of your device. At the same time, it let trusted apps go about their activities without bothering theme. Lastly, SuperSU is a very user friendly application and this app is very stick about your phone.


4.) System App Remover

As you know this app function by it’s name only ‘System App Remover’. One of the most erritating parts of getting a new smartphone is removing all the unnecessary system apps from your system.

System App Remover wants to help you instantly remove all those unneccesary, space taking apps from your system. System App Remover is a safety and quickest way to uninstall all of those erritating system apps you not needed.

System App Remover

5.) Root Browser

In our list, this first one is most famous ‘Root Browser’. Root Browser is a file manage app which has most of the same function as Root Explorer but this app is free of cost now.

Root Explorer may have reached tothe Google Play Store also, but Root Browser has stolen some of the Root Explorer’s thunder by offering the same seamless file management experience without the 4.99$ price tag.

To download and run this application in your rooted android device so here are the link:

Root Browser –

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